Billboard and print marketing is dead. Why? Because even when people are walking they’re looking at their phones. The future is here and it’s not going anywhere. The most prime piece of ad space is in your hands. Next time you’re on the NYC subway, look around and you’ll easily notice that 2 out of 4 people are on their phone. The most important asset in marketing is attention. Where are the eyeballs? Right now, the eyes are on the phones. @RealEstate has mastered the ability to leverage this shift by utilizing our platform to help realtors, brokers, and developers create the most innovative and effective content in the industry.

There are over 800M users on Instagram right now, and that number is growing every single minute. @RealEstate makes about 200K impressions a week and we’re still growing. The barriers to entry in the Instagram marketplace are extremely low, but the competitiveness has grown over the last several years, which is why – now, more than ever – content is key. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to help clients create that content, delivering nothing but perfect angles, aesthetic videos, and captivating media.

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