As many of you know, we had our launch party last week and it was a huge hit! We wanted to create an environment that truly captured the marriage between real estate and social media. In today’s world, we believe it is evermore important to put out content and leverage different platforms in order to connect with existing clients, and attract potential new relationships.

Essentially, our @RealEstate party was both an introduction to the industry as well as an explanation of these new marketing opportunities. With over 130 attendees, we were absolutely humbled by the response! We started out the night with introductions, explaining who we are and how we got started, and then proceeded into a Q&A with David Amirian, CEO of The Amirian Group, and Harley Courts, CEO of Nooklyn.

Both very active on social media, they spoke about the synergy between the real estate world and the importance of putting out massive amounts of content. To top off the night, we closed out with an exclusive performance by Mapy, one of the world’s most reputable and talented urban violinists. The room was covered in art by King Saladeen, and – as you can tell by the video below – it was a night for the books!

We want to thank everyone who attended and came out to support us! We look forward to turning this into a more routine happening, and we hope you can join us at the next one!

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