We love entrepreneurial stories.

When he was younger, Harley Courts (pictured on the left) founded a skateboard company called Substance Skateboards. He personally invested $100K into the company, and after several setbacks, the company failed. In 2010, Harley created a blog which was meant to serve as a source of new apartment listings. Over the next few years, the blog evolved into a full-service brokerage, which is now known as Nooklyn. Today, Nooklyn has grown into a $20M+ business, disrupting the residential real estate industry by adding value to all of its clients through its numerous listings and 320+ active brokers.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Harley at the TRDNY Forum last week, and it was an absolute pleasure getting to know him. Even after his success, Harley could still be seen sitting in front of his booth, pushing Nooklyn with that day-one passion.

Check them out on Instagram, @nooklyn & @gnarlycourts!

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