You’re at the gym – maybe it’s Planet Fitness, Equinox, or your building’s gym. You walk in, and you’re immediately greeted by ab rollers and mats, 4-5 sweaty people staring back at you, giving it their all to attain that ever-elusive 6-pack. You continue walking and you see an array of treadmills, row machines, stair masters, and other cardio machines that you don’t even know how to turn on, let alone use properly. You move along as you finally reach your zone – the weight racks – and you pick up that 10-pound dumbbell and you start pumping out your reps. You got this, champ!

You might take the layout of your gym for granted, but don’t get it twisted! There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into every single NYC gym. The man behind the layout? Meet: Vinnie Saunders.

With over 10 years of experience in the fitness equipment industry, Vinnie is the leading East Coast consultant at Matrix Fitness, the world’s largest manufacturer of gym equipment. During his career, Vinnie has worked with top real estate developers, franchise gym companies, and an array of private high net worth clients. His work speaks for itself.

Vinnie explains to us, “When I meet with a client, I treat every project as a blank box. I design the entire gym from start to finish, and I make sure that every single piece of equipment is strategically placed to promote both the overall aesthetic and the functionality”. A fitness enthusiast, himself, Vinnie brings an extra dose of passion into his projects, tailoring every gym as if it were his own.

What happens when talent meets work ethic plus passion?

See pictures below.

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