Being that this our first post, we thought it would be cool to introduce ourselves and tell our story of how we came to be. 6 days after Instagram launched, Tom was eating dinner with his sister who said, “Hey, have you heard about this cool new app calle Instagram?”. Tom stared blankly over his food, and replied, “No”. His sister simply said, “Ok, well you should check it out. I registered a few names earlier today: @newyorkcity, @baking, and @food”.

For Tom’s sister, the rest was history. She went on to co-found the first ever social media marketing agency called Laundry Service, and to this day, she manages @newyorkcity which has a 1M+ following.

Later that night, Tom opened up the Instagram app, and – being a real estate developer – he signed up as @realestate. That moment would catalyze a number of opportunities and business ventures, which at the time, were completely unbeknownst to him.

Tom stopped posting on the account for a few years until in November 2017, he met Phil Tursi. Phil had been working in the creative marketing space for 11 years and saw the potential and the synergy. From their first conversation, the synchronicities started to unfold. Phil had already met Jonas – a former Marine and a talented videographer – a few months prior, and proceeded to introduce him to Phil. Together, Tom, Phil, and Jonas started realizing the value that lay in the @realestate name and went to create a business model that would provide innovative content creation services to all real estate professionals.

A few months later, they noticed that a commercial real estate finance guy in New York had been tagging them in posts and had been growing increasingly active on Instagram. They met with Luca DeGrossi at a networking event, saw the synergy, had dinner, and asked him to join the team. 1 month later, Luca left his job in the capital markets world and joined @realestate full time.
This brings us to present-day – May 2018. @RealEstate is comprised of Tom Eiswein, Phil Tursi, Jonas, and Luca DeGrossi. Tom is the managing director, Phil and Jonas are creative directors, and Luca oversees business development. Together, they have fostered a creative spirit founded on a mutual desire to add value and to disrupt the real estate content creation industry. Since joining forces, the team has worked with Ryan Serhant, REDinNYC, Property Shark, David Amirian, and The Edition Hotel, among others.

@RealEstate is a full-service digital marketing firm headquartered in New York City, specializing in video tours, photography, advertising, event hosting, luxury car staging, web development, and exclusive content creation.

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