Let’s be honest, real estate doesn’t have the greatest reputation in terms of excitement. Buildings, facades, NOIs, and proformas don’t exactly sound riveting to the normal person. This being said, it is so important to leverage your content to keep it engaging and exciting. How do you do this?

Put a face to your brand

Posts with a face generate more positive engagement than those without one. What does this mean? It’s basic psychology. Humans like to see other humans. It’s relatable. As a realtor, some of the best ways to incorporate this into your marketing strategy are by doing client spotlights, i.e., you can create a post, for instance, with a picture of your client, and then in the caption you can detail the client’s story and how you added value to the transaction.

Add value

Become a source of information to your followers; be the epicenter of news headlines and breaking stories. Use the story feature to highlight new developments, new listings, new real estate headlines, and anything that will serve as knowledge to your followers. Showcase your recently closed deals or new listings, but don’t come off as if you’re asking for anything in return. Just add value. Don’t ask; give.

Tell your story

In order to shed a certain level of humanity onto your page, don’t just have posts about buildings and houses all day. Incorporate a sense of humanity into your content by telling your story. Are you meeting with a client today? Are you in the office? Ask someone to take a picture of you at your desk. Ask your client if you can post a picture of you with them. In the caption, get real with your followers and tell them what’s going on. Be inspirational and call people to action.

Spark engagement

Comments are more important than likes. The new IG algorithms feature accounts with higher engagement, so it is crucial that you call your followers to action. Some basic ideas to do this are: “rate this picture 1-10”, “would you like to live in this house?”, “tag someone who would like this”, etc. Get creative with it, but make sure that you end your post with a call to action in order to promote higher engagement levels.

At the end of the day, be genuine and be honest and add value. Above all, just put out massive amounts of content and don’t get deterred if you aren’t getting the likes or engagement that you want. Just keep going. The biggest problem that people run into on social media is lack of patience – they get resentful or upset that people aren’t liking their content or theyre not hitting 10K followers, but it’s essential to remember that when you see huge accounts, you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. You’re not seeing the hours that were put into maintain that account and growing it over time. Everything takes time, and social media is no different. Happy posting. Throw us a tag if you decide to implement any of these strategies, we’d love to see how they work for you. – @realestate

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