Before the team came together, the @realestate account was dormant for a few years, but since we have reinvigorated the platform, we have been seeing tremendous engagement! Fortunately, even during the dormant years – in large part due to our handle name – we saw about 20K new followers. Most accounts will not be in that position, so it is essential to add value to your followers. We like to utilize the “stories” feature to keep our followers up to speed with relevant news headlines and upcoming events.

We also like to make sure we document our days, because our followers want to see what we’re up to (or at least we hope!). What you might consider boring because it’s a daily routine, might be fascinating to someone else. Based on this theory, you should be documenting everything that you’re doing! Don’t go overboard, but check in with your followers every day and make sure you’re staying relevant to your target market – if you’re working in residential real estate, then don’t be scared to post some new listings or record that 2pm walkthrough and post it to your story.

If you’re on the commercial side of the business, TRDNY and Bisnow have some awesome information that you can post to your stories in order to keep your followers up to speed with what’s happening in the marketplace.

Become the go-to account for your followers when they want news on the industry and above all – keep posting!

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