We ARE real estate, literally!

ThatRealEstagePage.com is not only a leading media and marketing agency for luxury real estate and new developments, but we own and operate the #1 desired Instagram name for all things real estate; @RealEstate. Through our unique platform, we are not only able to produce your marketing material, but we’re also able to amplify it— by putting it in front of the eyes of the right people, hence the name.

Original Content

We have an in-house team of videographers, photographers, editors, and graphic designers to handle all of our media projects and campaigns from start to finish.

Social Media Advertising

We used to say that social media was the future of advertising, but in fact it’s the present and has been for several years now. With Instagram unveiling the ability to now stream one-hour video content, you can be sure that Instagram is here to stay, thus having a strong brand presence is crucial for properly advertising your property.


Have a new development, hotel, or property that needs press coverage? Our team can craft a full write-up on your project and share it on our Instagram stories using the “swipe-up” feature— to direct traffic to the targeted post on our website.

Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret that major brands are paying “influencers” or those on social media with a super-niche “audience” or followers rather— because they know that generally people only follow large accounts of those that they’re either a) friends with, or b) have a certain interest in that accounts content.